MARTS Field Event at Bexon Lane, Bredgar, Sittingbourne, Kent.

Set-up and start,  Wednesday 16th August 2017 14:00 hrs local time .
(No earlier please else there will be a long queue waiting for the gate to open and blocking the road)
Operating and nattering Thursday 17th August  through to striking camp and clearing site on Sunday 27th August 2017.
For nearest Postcode click here ME9 8HG, which Satnav will use to drop you off half a mile west of the site. Just keep going along Bexon Lane...

Over the two weeks the club will be QRV on 70cm to 80m using the three call signs G2FJA,  G5MW and G8MWA . Anyone who contacts all three call signs either by ssb, data or cw over the two weeks will receive a commemorative certificate from Peter M0OFM > email

On the weekend of 19th and 20th August there will be specialised demonstrations at the field with  microwaves, antenna builds, Wsprlite and data.

The event is a chance for you to try out aerials, operate, experiment with radios, and maybe explore modes which are new to you.

The field is big enough for a Rhombic, and the Club's 7100 will be there, plus another rig or two (756 pro 3 and 7000) which G3VFC would be happy to share.
However you are encouraged to bring your own equipment as well.

HF band pass filters will be provided by the club and are REQUIRED to be used by all operators on site.  Please bring a patch lead to go between your rig and the SO239 on the filter.

The club tent should be able to accommodate 4 operating positions.
I anticipate some members will rig and operate out of their own tent or shelter, with their own aerials.

If you think you might need them, please remember to bring your own chair, table, cup, plate, bowl as well as knife fork and spoon, and food/drink, possibly to share. And tools and a torch!

Thanks to Ray G6RVS there will be a kettle, toaster, microwave and small fridge (as long as they are still available) in the kitchen tent.

Mains power (limited) will be available - bring a long mains extension lead if you want power in your own tent.

144.650 will be used for local comms, and GB3KN will be monitored for inquiries from others further afield. GB3RE may also be used, if equipment is available. 24/7 monitoring is not guaranteed. A possibly useful phone number is 079200 77287.

Club Morning Net will be run from Bexon, using G5MW as is usual for the net at Bexon Lane. G2FJA will be used for other purposes

The club meeting at Tunbury Hall is NOT taking place on the 18th August, it will be held at Bexon Lane and people are encouraged to come over to Bexon Lane on that night: tea etc. at the usual time!  The meeting on the 25th August is for exam purposes only, although members will be welcome at the hall there will be no provision for a normal club meeting, members are encouraged to travel to Bexon Lane for the meeting that will be held there. 

Please note the Scouts now have a daily visitors fee of £1.50 or an over-night camping fee of £3.50. There is a degree of flexibility in that: a brief appearance of a member's family on site (delivering sustenance, for example) will not attract the  charge.  (Committee decision is final)

RSGB VHF/UHF contests
Proposed changes to scoring system for 2018

There are two options on the table, with background and explanations, and an opportunity to vote one of them to become the system used next year.
Closing date for voting is 20th August 2017.
All on the following links:
and the vote:

Enough time to read, puzzle and discuss with friends...

Terry - G3VFC

Amateur Radio examinations syllabus review

A complete review of the syllabus for all three levels of the amateur radio examinations has been completed. The draft of the new syllabus is now available for consultation together with a survey for any comments you may wish to make. Please click here to access the syllabus draft document and learn how to make your comments.

Updated 5/8/17
Bob, G1AZJ-SK sale
after the MARTS collection event on 2nd June 2017

Items not yet sold are on the pinboard. Please feel free to make an offer: the guide price reflects a value of similar goods as achieved on EBAY. You may wish to offer somewhat less, BUT this is not a fire sale - rather an opportunity to enjoy an item or two before they are found another home.

If you know of a deserving recipient who would likely  not be able to make a fair offer but it would really help them in the hobby please let us know: Bob would have liked to help anyone who could do with something he had but did not need anymore.
Proceeds will be split between Bob's estate and an appropriate Amateur Radio organisation.

Offers/enquiries by email to

Recall that you can make an offer without commitment to buy: if you don't like what you see on inspection, then do not have it. If it doesn't work when you try it, tell us and we can discuss the next move.

Terry - G3VFC 13/06/2017

UKAC Scoring Workshop 

The UKAC workshop took place on the 3rd June to discuss their views on the UKAC scoring policy.

Click here to view the topic discussed.

Ofcom Find "no evidence" for Claims of Interference from VDSL Broadband.

The study itself is short and quite interesting to read (here), although its conclusions probably won’t put a complete end to the concerns expressed by some radio amateurs.

MARTS Morning Net
The club operates a morning net during weekdays from 0930hrs to about 1030hrs on 144.650Mhz. All are invited.

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